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Lifting Michigan's Gloom

Michigan author showcases state locales, history in writing.

14 July, 2009 -- Amid economic decline and rising unemployment, one Michigan author is giving the state a much-needed ego boost. Be it the sweeping quest for treasure in his new novel Inherit All Things, or the submarine chase in his previous book Descending from Duty, J. Ryan Fenzel depicts a vibrant picture of Michigan that counters the negative impact of current headlines.

From the Manitou Passage to the Granite Island lighthouse in Lake Superior, Fenzel illuminates unique state locales and lifts them from the shadows of troubled Detroit. Adventure scenes befitting deserts half a world away unfold effortlessly on West Michigan sand dunes, and Lake Michigan beaches and coastal forests play host to action normally reserved for tropical settings.

The Great Lakes Historical Society and the Great Lakes Naval Memorial and Museum have taken note and support his efforts with cover quotes and publication reviews. “Most escapism takes readers away from reality,” Fenzel says. “I hope mine shows readers a reality overlooked.”

Fenzel is promoting Michigan awareness and Inherit All Things with a regional book tour this summer. Upcoming stops include DeTour Village Library on August 5th and the Horizon Books in Traverse City on August 8th.

Visit the author's Web site at www.jryanfenzel.com for book tour details.

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